Executive suite of Hotel Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo

The executive suite, the jewel of this 4-star hotel in Arezzo, is a magnificent aristocratic apartment, perfect for a dream holiday in Tuscany. The suite was once the private apartment of the Marchioness Persichetti De Giudici and comprises two sitting rooms and a superb, aristocratic bedroom whose elegant furnishings are from the original period.

Access to the executive suite is from the large central salon. The first sitting room has elegant side vaults and is furnished as a study and a place to read. Curiosity and surprise will draw you into a second antechamber where 4 large seventeenth-century frescoes once again emphasise the important noble origins of this villa.

The paintings tell the story of a knight and his beloved: the knight's departure to go to war, the courage of his lady, and the mystery of his return from the war. The images of the story float in a landscape filled with vegetation, but with glimpses of distant, almost oriental countries. The interpretation of these frescoes is still a subject of study, but the sentiment and mystery the story evokes is certain to arouse the curiosity of every guest. The room is also embellished with cornices and decorative features in stucco.

The bedroom is located in a fully frescoed room. The high quality of preservation of these paintings has enabled a complete restoration and reconstruction of the landscapes depicted. The theme is clearly the freshness and lushness of nature: exotic locations with palm and date trees alternate with finely executed architectural details and perspective. The high, cross-vaulted ceiling conveys the sense of space. Light and air pour into the rooms through large windows, and the elegant furnishings and curtains are an appropriate reminder of the nobility who once lived here.

The frescoes also continue inside the apse, in which luxury and refinement create a lovely bathroom with deluxe period-style sanitary ware, gold taps, and a large bathtub for infinite moments of relaxation.

The suite is also equipped with every modern comfort and has a second toilet. A further detail worth noting is the wonderful view of the Italianate garden that surrounds this enchanting sixteenth-century villa near Arezzo.


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