Badia di Campoleone Restaurant Arezzo

The restaurant will be open only for events or on request

The Hotel Badia di Campoleone restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Arezzo, serves Tuscan cuisine and typical Arezzo dishes: strictly fresh, handmade egg pasta or stuffed pastas; desserts and pastries invented and prepared by the chef; selections of cold cuts and the unforgettable IGP Chianina steak; and of course, our own Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil from the hotel's farm.

For vegetarians there are mouth-watering food tasting menus of dishes recreated from the excellent Tuscan and Arezzo traditional cuisine. Freshly prepared food from fresh ingredients are a must at this restaurant near Arezzo.

The restaurant wine bar

Located in the ancient wine cellar with its characteristic large brick vault, the wine bar is an intimate and private space. Dedicated to the tasting of both local and national selected wines, the wine bar brings a special touch of class to this luxury restaurant with one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Arezzo.


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